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City Store Name Store Address Service Hotline Traffic Line Business Time Map
Chengdu Wal-Mart Supercenter Chengdu Jiaoda Road Branch 183 Jiaoda Road,Jinniu District 028-87606677
①Take 3、48、48A、56、75、93、101、106、512、119 ,get off at Jiaoda Road West Station
②Take 340、342、75,get off at Qunxing Road West Station
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Wal-Mart Supercenter Chengdu SM Square Branch 29 Second Section East,Erhuan Road 028-84312323
①Take 51、52、2、114、402,get off at 2nd Section of Erhuan Road Station
②Take 6、71、42、76,get off at Erhuan Road & Jianshe Road Station
③Take 72、180、342,get off at SM Plaza Station
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Wal-Mart (Sichuan) Stores Co., Ltd., Chengdu Yangxixian Shuxi Road Branch 288 Huichuang Road, Gaoxin West District, Chengdu 028-62019555 Bus:
Take NO. 17,54,96,305,311,320,703get off at Hejia Sandui Station;
Take NO. 30,342get off at Zhonghai International Station
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Yibin Walmart Supercenter Yibin Jiudu Road Branch No55 of Middle Jiudu Road, Cuiping zone, Yibin city 0831-2312599/2312590 Bus line:9、10、18、2、17 8:00-22:00 View Map
Deyang Walmart Supercenter Deyang Tianshan North Road Branch NO.6 Tianshan North Road,Deyang 0838-2519558 Bus line:①Bus NO.18、7、24、25、13、12、23、26、10 station of Tianshan Road ②Bus NO.21、14、27、104 station of Capitaland 8:00-22:00 View Map
Mianyang Wal-Mart SZITIC Stores Co., Ltd., MianYang LinYuan Branch No.74 LinYuan East Road, MianYang


Bust:Take Bus No.B3、B15、B10、B26、B6、B39、B27、B48、B32、B11、B5、B44, get off at Administration center station. 8:00-22:30 View Map
Wal-Mart (Sichuan) Stores Co., Ltd., Mianyang Yuejin Road Branch NO.50, Yuejin Road, Fucheng Distrcit, Mianyang, Sichuan Province 0816-2758899 Shuttle Bus:6Line、36Line、39Line、20Line、59Line、77Line 7:00--23:00 View Map
Wal-Mart (Sichuan) Stores Co., Ltd. Mianyang Mianxing East Road Branch NO55#,Mianxing East Road,Mianyang City,Sichuan Province 0816-2568668 Shuttle Bus:line 2/line15/line18/line37/line39/line57/line70/line71/line85/line91/line801/line806 7:00--23:00 View Map
Dazhou Walmart Supercenter Dazhou Chaoyang East Road Branch Basement One and the First Floor, Binjiang Ming Du, Central Square, Chaoyang East Road, TongchuanDistrict, Dazhou 0818-2511328
①Take 7、3、9、14、15,get off at No.1 Middle School(Old Campus) Station
②Take 2、4、16,get off at Huaxia Building Station
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Suining Walmart Supercenter Suining Jiahe West Road Branch 2-3/F, Jin Shui Lou Tai Plaza,Jiahe Road West, Suining 0825-2688195
Take 8,get off at Sport Exhibition Station
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Xichang Walmart Supercenter Xichang Hangtian Avenue Branch 2-3/F, Century Mall, Section II of Hangtian Avenue, Xichang 0834--2899036
Bus:①Take 9、11、16、21,get off at 1st Section of Shengli Road South Station
②Take 7、12、17,get off at 2nd Section of Hangtian Avenue Station
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Zigong Walmart Supercenter Zigong Huixing Road Branch Block 8, the third phase of Xin MeiJu Jia, Group 4 of Xinhui Neighborhood Community, Longhui Street, Zi Liu Jing District, Zigong 0813-8235837

①Take 8、38、39、41,get off at Huixing Road Station
②Take 1、10、16、32、33、35,get off at Xinmei International Mall Station
③Take 40,get off at Xinmei Dijing station
④Take 302,get off at Lanying Garden station
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Leshan Walmart Supercenter Leshan Tuqiao Street Branch 23 Gulou Street, Shi Zhong District, Leshan 0833-2108599
①Take 4、8、9、13,get off at Haitang Plaza Station
②Take 1、2、12,get off at Jinbei Yinzuo Station or Gaobeimen Station
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Panzhihua Walmart Supercenter Panzhihua Bingcaogang Branch Basement One, Yunjin Jin’ou Plaza,439 Panzhihua Avenue, Panzhihua 0812-8883996
Bus:Take K1、K4、64、6、11、17、18,get off at Liangyou Station of Jin'ou Plaza 8:00-22:00 View Map
Jiangyou Walmart Supercenter Jiangyou Taibai Road Branch Basement One and the Ground Floor, Huiyuan International Commercial Plaza, Taibai Road, Jiangyou 0816-3510801 Bus;Take BRTB1、B2、B8、B14、B15、B16、B18、B21、B24。Get off at Qiche South Station 8:00-22:00 View Map
NanChong NanChong Trust-Mart Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. Basement One, Da Du Hui Plaza, 2Mo Fan Street, Nanchong 0817-8123828
Bus:Take BRT1、2、3、6、8、14、22、32、35 8:00-22:30 View Map
Langzhong Wal-Mart (Sichuan) Stores Co., Ltd., Langzhong Renmin Square Branch Basement One, Renmin Square Shopping Center, 54 Lang Jia Guai Street, Baoning District Offices, Langzhong 0817-6256197 BUS: by89、7、3 8:30-22:00 View Map
Dujiangyan Chengdu HaoLaiWu Furniture and Home Appliance Variety Co., Ltd., Dujiangyan Branch Tianhe Shengshi Shopping Center, Jianshe Road, Dujiangyan City 028-87135555 Bus:Take BRT 1、2、6、13、17、get off at puyang Road Station 8:30-22:30 View Map
Bazhong WAL-MART stores in Bazhong People Square Branch Bazhong Jiangbei District Square Street No. 87 0827-3663166 Bus Line 1\3\6\9\12 8:00-22:00 View Map
Meishan Walmart (Sichuan)Retail Co.,Ltd, Meishan Hangzhou Road Branch No.168 of Sansu Road,Dongpo District,Meishan City 028-38025222 Bus Line 10,11,13,15,17 8:00-22:30 View Map
Pengzhou Wal-Mart (Sichuan) Retail Co., Ltd., Pengzhou Jinpeng East Road Branch No.122, Jinpeng East Road,Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province 028-64287186 Shuttle Bus:102Line、107Line、109Line 8:00-22:00 View Map
Guanghan Walmart Supercenter Guanghan Fuzhou Road Br No.1 ErDuan Sinoland Future Plaza Fuzhou RD. GuangHan Sichuan province 0838-5291155 Shuttle Bus:2Line、3Line、6Line、8Line、10Line 08:00-22:30(Summer)/08: 30-22: 00(Winter) View Map


City Store Name Store Address Service Hotline Traffic Line Business Time Map
Chengdu Trust-Mart Chengdu Zhongtian Branch No.58, Kuhua Road, Wuhou District,Yatai Square,Chengdu City 028-66106315 Bus line:Zhanglingsi,No.6,49,55,62,76,77,92,102,112,298;Bus stop:Jinxiu Road:No.76,77;Metro Line 1: Nijiaqiao Stop 8:00--22:00 View Map
ChengDu Trust-Mart Chengdu Wuhou Store 2-6 Gao Sheng Qiao Road East, WuhouDistrict, Chengdu 028-85108160 Bus Line:34/27/ Gao Sheng Qiao East One Round Road 8:00-22:30 View Map
Chengdu Trust-Mart Chengdu Yulin Store No.22, 3th Part on the South of 1st Circle Road,Wuhou district,Chengdu 028-66073515 72,45,34,27,59,19,115,12 and Subway No.1 8:00-22:00 View Map
Chengdu Trust-Mart Chengdu Fuhe Branch 100 the North Avenue, Qingyang DistChengdu 028-86912211 Bus Line106,80,99,1,73,64 North Avenue;42,75Xinghui West Road;127,126Daan West Road 8:00-22:30 View Map
Chengdu Trust-Mart Chengdu Xicheng Branch Stone people North Road, qingyang district, Chengdu, 50th 028-6610640 Bus line:163/metro line2 8:00-22:30 View Map
Chengdu Shuangliu Trust-Mart Chengdu Shuangliu Branch No,1-9,2-3F,Buiding Yingtong Complex,Nanchang Road,Dongsheng Town,Shuangliu,Chengdu 028-67035728 Bus line:6#,1#,820#,3#B,2# 8:00-22:30 View Map
Dujiangyan Trust-Mart Chengdu Dujiangyan Branch Tianhe Shengshi Shopping Center, Jianshe Road, Dujiangyan City 028-87135555 Bus line:Taking the bus line 6,19,1,2,17,33,35,36 to Puyang Road 8:00-22:00 View Map
Mianyang Trust-Mart Mianyang Store No1.Park Road,Fucheng District, Mianyang 0816-8012558 Bus line:No1,3,5,6,10,15,28,32,36,51 station name:Jianguo Men 7:30-22:30 View Map
Mianyang Trust-Mart Mianyang West Branch Dongchen Xin Tian Di, 72 Linyuan Road West, Mianyang 0816-8013999 Bus line:2、3、10、11、15、21、29、35、38、39、40、69、801、805、807、302、80、60、62、Airport bus、37、54、100、803、2 of Night train、91、79: Train station;12、57DongchenYijiamei 7:30-22:00 View Map
Nanchong Trust-Mart Nanchong Wuxing Store 2 Mofan Road , ShunqingDistrict, Nanchong 0817-8123828 Bus line: 1、2、3、5、6、11、13、19、22 8:00-22:30 View Map