samThe Walmart Culture

Walmart Inc. was founded on principles developed by Sam Walton. These principles carried out every day by hard-working and friendly associates have created a unique corporate culture that is key to Walmart's competitive edge.
The basic beliefs guiding Walmart Inc. are:

Four Basic Beliefs

Service to the Customer

Serve customers by making them our first priority. The customer is the boss. Everything possible is done to make shopping at Walmart and SAM'S CLUB a friendly, pleasant experience. The "Ten-Foot Attitude" means that associates are to greet each person they see. The "Satisfaction Guaranteed" refund and exchange policy allows customers to be fully confident of Walmart and SAM'S CLUB's merchandise and quality.
Support our associates so they can best serve our customers
Give to the local community in ways that connect to our customers

Respect for the Individual

Every associate's opinion is respected. Value and recognize the contributions of every associate. Managers are considered "servant leaders" who help new associates realize their potential through training, praise and constructive feedback.
Communicate by listening to all associates and sharing ideas and information. An "open door" management philosophy encourages associates to raise questions and concerns in an open atmosphere.
Own what you do with a sense of urgency and empower each other to do the same

Strive for Excellence

Innovate by trying new ways of doing things and improving every day
Model a positive example as we pursue high expectations
Work as a team by helping each other and asking for help

Walmart and SAM'S CLUB associates share an exceptional commitment to customer satisfaction. At the start of each day, store associates gather for the Walmart or SAM'S CLUB cheer and review sales from the previous day, as well as discuss their daily goals. "The Sundown Rule" requires a continual sense of urgency, with questions asked in the morning answered before the end of the day.

Act with Integrity

Be honest by telling the truth and keeping your word
Be fair and open when dealing with associates, suppliers, and other stakeholders
Be objective by making decisions based solely on Walmart’s interests, while operating in compliance with all laws and our policies

Culture Stories

The Sundown Rule

Exceed Customers' Expectations

The "Ten-Foot Attitude"

Every Day Low Prices

The Walmart Cheer

Walmart Quote

"All Associates work for the customers who buy our merchandise. In fact, the customers can fire everybody in our Company. And they can do it by simply spending their money somewhere else. The greatest measure of our success is how well we please the customer, 'Our Boss'. Let's all support Aggressive Hospitality and have our customers leave 100% satisfied every day."

---- Sam Walton
The Founder of Walmart

"The undeniable cornerstone of Walmart's success can be traced back to our strong belief in the dignity of each individual we view our associates as much more than a pair of hands to do a job, but also as a wonderful source of new ideas. Our people really do make a difference! "

---- Don Soderquist
Senior Vice chairman
Walmart Inc.