Press Release 

Sam’s Club Officially Launched on JD
Providing 10-day free membership experience through quality cooperation

【Oct 21, 2016, Shenzhen】Sam’s Club is officially launched on JD Mall today. As the high-end membership format of the world’s largest retailer Walmart, Sam’s Club is committed to providing its members across the country with exceptional member value and quality handpicked local and global products through its cooperation with China’s largest owned e-commerce player, leveraging strengths of both in e-commerce and retail. JD has vast online base of 180 million users and its strong same-day delivery network will enable Sam’s Club to extend its business to nationwide scale and at the same time provide even better services to its members. To celebrate its launch on JD, Sam’s Club took an unprecedented move and is providing a 10-day free membership experience on JD. From Oct 21 to Oct 30, all customers can buy Sam’s products at member prices, to allow JD customers to “taste of Sam’s”.

“Sam’s Club always believes in ‘Members First’ since we entered China in 1996. We select quality products from across the world for our members. Sam’s Club is a very successful business model of Walmart globally. It will also be our main focus as we grow in China in the future. As online shopping becomes more popular and with the support of JD’s strong logistics network, we hope more and more customers will become our members and truly experience our great quality items and member value. ”says Andrew Miles, Senior Vice President of Walmart China and Chief Operating Officer of Sam’s China.  

From Oct 21 to Oct 30, all customers can not only buy Sam’s products at member prices but also have the chance to receive free delivery coupon. At the same time, Sam’s Club is launching an international food festival both online and offline for customers to enjoy various gourmet choices from around the world, such as Olive oil, butter biscuits etc. In addition, Sam’s Club plans to roll out a membership system at its flagship store on JD. In this system, if a customer shops from 31st Oct 2016 to 31st Jan 2017, he/she will receive 1 credit for 1RMB he/she spent. Once the credit reaches 3000, the customer will receive one-year membership of Sam’s Club.

The first batch of Sam’s Club merchandise launched on JD includes nearly 2000 SKUs, covering food and beverage, small home appliances, baby products, household supplies, and personal care product, and also many popular Members’ Mark products. Sam’s Club has very rigid standards for product quality. It strictly controls product sources and suppliers and only brings premium products from quality sources to serve its members. It’s also very considerate about product packaging and ensures freshness and convenience by using large and pre-packages. The products that Sam’s Club sells currently are directly sourced from more than 30 countries including the U.S., UK, Italy and Australia, which satisfies customers’ demand for high quality as well as high quality local sourced products from quality suppliers. These products include premium Hetian dates from Xinjiang, Shell chocolates from Belgium, IRobot Vacuum Cleaner and Magill Estate Shiraz from globally renowned winery Penfolds, providing members with safe and quality choices.

As a unique membership warehouse club model, Sam’s Club has won trust and loyalty from its members for its exclusive products, excellent services, strict quality management, and enjoyable shopping experience. Having been in China for 20 years, the membership model has been accepted and recognized by Chinese consumers. Today, Sam’s Club has over 1.7 million members. Its membership card can be used in its over 800 facilities around the world. Sam’s Club announced this year that it’s upgrading its membership. All Sam’s Club card holders who newly join or renew their membership before April 27, 2017 will receive a 400 RMB Sam’s coupon, an aviation insurance by MetLife worth 1 million.

Collaboration with JD allows Sam’s Club to try brand new channels. Sam’s products will go directly to JD’s 7 warehouses across the country. Based on the integrated warehouse-delivery logistics services, these high quality products can be distributed nationwide quickly. At the same time, non-club members can enjoy the merchandise and services through the flagship store, which breaks geography and membership limitations to shop in Sam’s Club. It’s more consistent with Chinese customer’s shopping habits by letting customers experience the quality merchandise and services first before they become members. In the future, Sam’s Club can attract more members through the flow of JD, while JD riches its merchandise categories via the powerful supply chain of Sam’s Club, to achieve a win-win situation.

“We are also very happy to welcome Sam’s Club flagship store on JD. The exclusive premium merchandise provided by Sam’s Club will meet Chinese consumers’ demand for high quality. Its Clubs in China are already very popular with customers. JD enjoys a good reputation with our authentic products and outstanding user experience, and we will provide a good platform for Sam’s Club which is a signature brand so that hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers will become more familiar with this brand and enjoy the quality products and services provided by Sam’s Club.” says Shen Haoyu, CEO of JD International.