Press Release

Sam’s Club Full Speed Expands in Chinese Market By Its “Great” Ideas to Support Quality Life

5 clubs for next year aligned with multi-platform ebiz service for members in China

【Tianjin, September 28, 2016】Today, Sam’s Club announced the official opening of its first club in Tianjin to serve local members with high-quality and popular goods. It is the second Sam’s Club in China opened this year following the one in Zhuhai in April. Sam’s Club also said it is optimistic about China’s future growth prospects and will continue to speed up its expansion in the country with 5 new clubs in 2017 to improve its layout in China. 

Andrew Miles, Senior Vice President of Walmart China & COO of Sam’s Club said that “With the development of the Chinese economy, Sam’s Club is winning recognition and favor from more and more consumers in China. Included the latest Sam’s Club in Tianjin, we now have 14 Clubs in 12 cities across China. We are full of confidence in Sam’s development in China and have now approved plans to open almost 20 more clubs. In the future, we will speed up the opening of more clubs so that more consumers in China can experience the unique shopping fun at Sam’s Club.” 

The new club located in Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center II, a landmark building in Tianjin. As 2016 is the 20th anniversary of Sam’s Club entered China, leveraging this opportunity, Sam hopes to advocate 1.7 million members to become the “Great Winner of the Life” by shopping Sam’s high-quality and popular goods from the world. Members can get the “Great” successful life by enjoying a full range of “Great” experiences in the club from the commodity, fresh, saving and shopping environments. Especially in the Sam’s most proud of high-quality and popular goods, members can touched lots of “Great” ideas. For example, during the opening period, Tianjin Sam’s Club will cooperate with some “Great” brands, such as Tianjin Banyan Tree, BMW, Cranchi Yacht, to deliver the “Great” discount and meet the “Great” dream of Tianjin members. In addition, through Sam’s “Special Order” promotion, members can also get the “Great” surprise by purchasing some special goods, such as RMB 88,800 porcelains painted with Qingyuan Edition Twelve Months drawings, RMB 88,880 handmade silk carpet and so on. 

Even for general commodities, Sam’s “Great” ideas are everywhere. For example, Lijiang snow peach with the China national geographic logo, its fruit diameter is more than 110 mm and its weight is more than 500g per. Toshiba 60 Inch 4K LCD big TV also gives the members RMB 1000 savings. For the fresh, the store has especially introduced US-standard rear-replenishing freezers which also serve as goods shelves to truly achieve whole-process refrigeration chain control and ensure goods freshness and quality to the best advantage. Through large purchase quantities, card board displays and big and simple composite packaging, Sam’s Club reduces cost and ensures reasonable prices to its members. Sam also launches lots of campaigns to reward its members. In “90 Days Lower Price” campaign, Sam has chosen over 350 partners to office exclusive service and products to its members. With so many “Great “ commodities , facilities and services, Sam also adapts the “Great” equipment, such as specially-made large US style shopping carts which are as same as those used in Sam’s Club stores in the United States and can hold not only more goods but also facilitate fetching products to ensure pleasant shopping experience for members. In Sam’s Club, every purchase has been playing as the “Treasure Hunt”. Members can taste high quality foods from the world through lots of free tasting points in the clubs.

As one of the largest membership clubs in the world, unlike the other supermarkets, once joining Sam’s Club by purchasing membership, members can shop in more than 800 comfortable and spacious Sam’s Clubs around the world and buy high-quality and popular goods which Sam’s Club has especially selected from around the world as well as enjoy the close service from the Sam. Sam’s various online platforms, including, Sam APP, flagship club on Yihaodian and the coming flagship club on JingDong, will meet members’ diversified shopping needs. Online service, including fresh delivery service, will also be available in Tianjin soon.

All commodities at the Sam’s Club in Tianjin are in accordance with Sam’s Club’s strict procurement standards and are only offered to members after going through a series of inspections and screening over place of origin, supplier, quality, price and other elements. For example, all direct import goods in the store are carefully selected and procured by Sam’s Club’s procurement team from more than 30 countries and regions to ensure that every commodity is a high-quality and popular product. Especially worth-noting is Member’s Mark, Sam’s Club’s private brand, whose 350-plus goods are selected from an array of superior quality goods. While ensuring quality, Sam’s Club’s procurement team also leverages Sam’s Club’s high-efficiency supply chain management and cost control and directly communicates and works with suppliers to reduce intermediate and offer more competitive prices to members and maximize value for them.

Based on the concept of building the world's first member store, in April, 2016, Sam announced to upgrade its service, goods and membership in China and received the support and recognition from many members with the pursuit of quality life. The membership renewal rate is over 70%. With the expectation from the members, Sam will make more breakthroughs in the future and become members’ most competent "agent" .