Walmart Deepens the Cooperation with Fujian Provincial People’s Government and Expects to Open 25 New Stores in the Next 5 Years in Fujian

【Fujian, September 7, 2016】Today, Walmart and Fujian Provincial People’s Government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Strategic Cooperation. Since entering Fujian in 2000, Walmart has now opened 33 stores across the province. According to the MOU, Walmart will continue to step up its investment and construction work in Fujian Province and open 25 new stores including Sam’s Clubs in the province. Meanwhile, Walmart will also engage in more cooperation with governments at all levels in Fujian in the areas of local goods procurement, resources integration, innovation & upgrading, charity support and community development to achieve mutual trust and win-win.  

Mr. Dirk Van den Berghe, President of Walmart Asia, President & CEO Walmart China, said, “The year 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Walmart’s entry into China. Walmart has always had full confidence in the Chinese market and continued to increase its investment in China. Fujian Province is an important market for Walmart in China. We are very optimistic about the growth potential of the Fujian market and will continue to open stores and create more job opportunities. ” 

Fujian Province is also a major sourcing market for Walmart in China. Walmart’s procurement departments at all levels have purchased large amounts of local goods in Fujian and then sold them in Walmart stores in China and even around the world. In the future, Walmart will step up its procurement of Fujian goods. With the support of local government departments and through procurement match-making meeting and other channels, Walmart will bring more local superior goods into its supply chain.

While making more local procurements, Walmart will also speed up its resources integration, innovation and upgrading in Fujian and engage in more cooperation with the government in the areas of food safety, energy conservation and environmental protection. From 2013 to 2015, Walmart invested approximately RMB 300 million on food safety in China. In 2016, Walmart also launched in Fuzhou the first in-store food safety monitoring room in the Fujian region to test veterinary drug residue in fresh seafood and poultry & livestock products on sale in all its stores in the region in an effort to provide safe, superior quality aquatic products to consumers.

This year, Walmart announced that it will invest RMB 400 million to upgrade and reconstruct some 60 stores across China, including adding energy-saving and environmental facilities to improve the environmental efficiency of its stores. In Fuzhou, Walmart has now invested over RMB 80 million to upgrade its 12 hypermarkets and 1 Sam’s Club in the region. In 2017, Walmart will also continue to upgrade the stores in Xiamen.

In the past 20 years, Walmart has donated a cumulative total of RMB108.5 million in funds and goods to charities across China. Walmart China’s associates have devoted more than 220,000 hours of voluntary service to the charity. Since the “Hand in hand With Walmart, Let’s Serve Our Community, 20th Anniversary 20-hours Giving-back Community Service” officially kicked off in May 2016, Walmart’s 33 stores in the Fujian region have staged 39 public welfare events, with 420 person-times of volunteer participants who have serviced 1049 people and dedicated a cumulative total of 1633 service hours. Walmart also hopes that it can serve more local communities across Fujian and make its due contribution to local social welfare in the future.