Walmart to Open 3 More New Stores in One Day;

Over 90% of its 13 News Stores in 2 Months are in Emerging Cities

Walmart grows steadily in tier-2 and 3 cities supported by mature management team, quality merchandise and unique services

【Jan 15, 2016, Shenzhen】Walmart opened 10 new stores in December 2015. Following its steady pace of growth, it opened 3 new stores in Ordos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Xianning, Hubei Province, and Yiliang, Yunan Province today. As of now, Walmart has opened 13 new stores successively, which is quite a remarkable performance while the entire bricks-and-mortar retail business is attracting great attention. It is worth noticing that over 90% of these new stores are located in emerging cities. Walmart is very optimistic about the market potential of emerging cities in China. With its mature management team, quality merchandise and unique services, Walmart’s strategic growth will be faster in tier-two and tier-three cities.

‘Emerging cities have huge potential for retail. Walmart has long been growing in many tier-two and tier-three cities. We have a lot of experience and strong teams, and our supply chain has covered the whole country. As long as we find suitable sites, we will replicate our successful experience in tier-one cities or provincial capital cities to quickly develop more neighboring cities that have great potential, so that we can offer customers in more places with quality branded products and Walmart-exclusive items at great prices.’ said Sean Clarke, President and CEO of Walmart China.

Take central China as an example. Since Walmart entered Wuhan in 2000, it has opened 13 stores in the city and has a strong management team who is very familiar with the local market. In 2015, based on the solid business foundation built over the past years, the central regional team accelerated growth in the local market and opened 5 new stores in Hubei Province in less than a year. The new stores are all performing well and have reached the sales target set by the business.

Similar as customers in tier-one cities, those in emerging cities also have growing demand for high quality products. Walmart leverages its well-developed distribution centers nationwide and professional supply chain team to deliver quality products from across the country and even the world to its stores so that customers in emerging cities can have access to quality merchandise on their doorstep. To meet customers’ demand for better shopping experience in emerging cities, Walmart keeps developing unique services and rolling them out in tier-two and tier-three cities. Its reputable services such as ‘free delivery within 2 km over RMB 188 purchase’ are now offered at all Walmart stores in China.

Walmart’s high quality products and unique services enable its development in tier-two and tier-three cities. Its new stores opened in Heyuan and Bijie in September and Lijiang in December are all welcomed by local customers and are achieving strong sales that exceed the business’s expectations. One similarity of these cities is that they are all new markets for Walmart which is a rare multinational chain retailer there. Once opened, Walmart becomes a hot topic because of its spacious store, quality and prices, comfortable shopping environment, and even energy-saving facilities.

About Walmart China
Walmart entered the Chinese market and opened its first Supercenter and Sam’s Club in Shenzhen in 1996. Walmart’s global merchandising office was set up in Shenzhen in 2002. Currently, Walmart operates two main formats in China including Supercenters and Sam’s Clubs. We have donated funds and in-kind support worth over RMB77 million to local charities and welfare organizations since entering the China market. Walmart China won awards including The Best Employer, Satisfactory Chain Retailers selected by Suppliers, and Community Service Ambassador. For more information, please visit