Walmart Launches APP in Guangzhou, Becoming Leading Full-Category O2O Retailer

【December 15, 2015, Guangzhou】Walmart today announced to launch its O2O service platform, Walmart APP, in Guangzhou, and becomes the first retailer to offer full-category O2O service including chilled and frozen food in Guangzhou. Customers enjoy convenient service, quality products and good prices as they can order on Walmart APP and choose to have their order delivered or pick their orders up in Walmart stores. Based on the pilot in Shenzhen in the last six months, this upgraded Walmart APP will provide even better service to customers in Guangzhou (not including Panyu) through the 15 Walmart Hypermarkets and Yihaodian’s strong and professional delivery team in that area. Walmart also rolled out online shopping service in Dongguan on the same day and will continue to adjust and upgrade its service based on customers’ feedback in the future and launch this service in more cities.

Walmart launched its O2O platform in Shenzhen this May, serving customers with mobile APP, store pick-up service and multiple mobile payment options anytime, anywhere. According to Walmart’s internal data and customer survey, orders made on Walmart APP are delivered on time, and a large majority of customers who have used this service are willing to recommend it to others. Quality assurance, time-saving shopping, on-time delivery, and transparent promotion price are four major reasons why customers choose to shop on Walmart APP.

Jordan Berke, Senior Director of Hypermarket E-Commerce of Walmart China said that ‘Walmart APP received great attention and feedback from the market since it was launched in Shenzhen. Downloads have reached 220,000 now. After listening to customers’ requests and feedback, we kept improving and upgrading our O2O platform. We are very happy to extend this service to Guangzhou today with fuller categories and more punctual delivery so that more customers enjoy seamless online to offline shopping experience at Walmart.’

Walmart APP offers broad assortment including over 20,000 SKUs covering fresh food, oil and grain, personal care and cosmetics, household cleaning products, apparel, toys, and home appliance. Walmart has almost doubled its online SKUs in 6 months. To ensure higher in-stock availability and enable smaller stores to also offer more categories, Walmart offers selected merchandise from ‘Master Stores’ on its upgraded APP. These items will be transferred from master stores to the stores chosen by customers form them to pick up or receive by delivery. The products sold on Walmart APP all come from Walmart stores. They are from qualified sources and are subject to the same stringent quality inspection standards and procedures as the products sold in stores. Online customers also enjoy the same worry-free return and refund policy as store customers for the products they buy, including fresh items. That is to say, if a customer is not satisfied with the fresh item she bought, she can return the product within 14 days after purchase. Customers can bring the delivery note to return products they bought online at any Walmart store they choose and get refund through their payment account.

The 15 Walmart Hypermarkets in Guangzhou all serve as delivery and pick-up locations. If customers choose home delivery, they will get their orders on the same day if they order before 11 am, and the delivery will be free of charge if the purchase is over RMB 188. Since Walmart acquired full ownership of Yihaodian, it has integrated resources of both teams and will use Yihaodian’s strong and professional delivery team in Guangzhou to deliver orders according to customers’ time preferences, making the service more convenient for customers. With Yihaodian delivering Walmart’s online orders, it improves Walmart’s delivery capabilities and helps Walmart to meet more customers’ demand for delivery, and on the other hand, it increases Yihaodian’s delivery volume and lowers its logistics cost, and ultimately benefits Walmart and Yihaodian customers.

To ensure the freshness and quality of fresh items, Walmart specifically developed equipment to deliver chilled and frozen products bought online to make sure that fresh food can be delivered on time at the appropriate temperature so that customers enjoy the same off-the-shelf freshness and quality as they shop at Walmart stores. Customers can also pick their orders up at any Walmart store they choose. Stores will prepare customers’ orders after 4 hours. Once customers receive a text message notification, they can pick up their orders at Walmart Service Center with the order number. Every store serves as an independent operation center. There’s a specialized team in each store in charge of orders on Walmart APP. These Walmart associates are responsible for the entire process from preparing orders, packaging to delivery to customers’ hands to ensure product quality.

To offer customers more benefits, Walmart added a new function and promotion on its APP. APP users can get a 15 RMB coupon if they refer this APP to their friends via WeChat and their friends download the APP and successfully order on it.

About Walmart China
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